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TERMS & Condition's

NO bubble bath and/or soap is provided for the waterslides and gladiator slides due to possible allergic reactions. Please feel free to use your own, which would be suitable for children. 

The jumping castles and waterslides are only allowed to be set up and used on grass. Not on the following surfaces :(paving, bricks, soil, gravel, building rubble, driveways, cement, or any surface which could damage the jumping castles or cause injuries.) 

Delivery and Setup: The delivery team will at best negotiate the surrounding areas when delivering the jumping castle. Please advise beforehand if there are stairs, limited space, or corridors as this would have an effect on the delivery time and the delivery team. It remains the responsibility of the client to ensure that the correct size jumping castle is rented from us in accordance with the space you have available. 

Setup: This should be done under your supervision to ensure the jumping castle is set up in the correct location, as per your request. If you are not home during the delivery and informed a 3rd party (i.e. a domestic worker and or another relative) please ensure that the 3rd party fully understands your instructions so that there is no miscommunication regarding the setup. 

Use of water is allowed on our jumping castles. All water must be drained and cleared off the jumping castle before collection, please. 

Blower motors or fans are not waterproof and would be affected by rain or water running from the jumping castle. Please keep this in mind. Please stay safe.

• Please make sure everyone takes off their shoes.
• No eating, drinking, smoking, or any fires near or on the jumping castle.
• Adult supervision is always required. Please note: No child may operate the motor of the jumping castle.
• DC Jumping Castles will take no responsibility for any injuries.
• All jumping castles and fans are delivered in proper working condition. If damaged, lost, or stolen, all costs and repairs or replacements will be payable by the client within 5 working days from the renting out of the jumping castle. This includes any damages caused by pets.
• If the castle is misused in any way, other than its original purpose, and damages occur, then the renter shall be held responsible for the repair costs. This includes placing our castles/slides in swimming pools.
• If the weather sets in and it starts to rain, please make sure to deflate the castle and fold it up. Please keep the jumping castle, as well as the motor, in a covered area, out of the rain.
• If self-collecting from us: The client will return the jumping castle at a predetermined time, arranged with DC Jumping Castles. If these conditions are not met, the client will pay a penalty of R400 per day.
• When the client receives a receipt or invoice, DC Jumping Castles assumes that the client agrees in full with all of the terms and conditions.
• DC Jumping Castles does not supply or is responsible for any electricity/generators/extension cords/hosepipes/water.
• In the event of load shedding/ power failures/water shortages/ bad weather no refund will be provided, as the jumping castles are rented on a “weekend basis.”
• Covid-19, We do our very best to properly sanitize each castle before a new booking, however, the castle/slide is still rented from DC Jumping Castles at its OWN RISK.


082 401 3749
19 Van Der Merwe Street, Rietondale, Pretoria
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